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Our methodology involves an initial discussion to compile a customer brief. An outline of steps and schedule agreed with the customer will then proceed with a professional Scoping Exercise.  All data shared will have a Security Undertaking through a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


From this process we shall collect qualified data provided by the customer, analyse them against observations made during physical visit to operations site, including factories, warehouses, yards, et al.


From the analyses, physical observations and customer feedback, we would identify root causes that disrupt logistics operations and/or create  inefficiencies within  segments of their supply chain.  The customer will be presented with our findings, and has the opportunity to enrich the framework. It is not unusual to find customers focusing beyond their current issues, by anticipating today the challenges of the future.

A Solution is then formulated, based on operational logic, pragmatic processes and balanced cost modeling.  Upon presentation, the ensuing dialogue with the customer will involve phased timelines, resource planning, project teams and KPIs. 


Finally, with the given mandate, the joint project team will execute the agree Plan of Actions within the context of project scope.

To learn more on how we may be able to support your business, we invite you to register for a free consultation.

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